Retail TouchPoints

Season 02, Episode 04

Pinpointing The Site Performance Problem

Featuring: Steve Rowen of Retail Systems Research and Alicia Esposito of Retail TouchPoints

Retail Systems Research has been a tried and true source for industry benchmarks and insights for more than a decade. E-Commerce trends and priorities have been ongoing topics of discussion for the firm, especially the recurring issue of performance. According to Steve Rowen, one of the firm’s managing partners, site speed has consistently been “disturbingly slow” …and it’s only getting worse. During this episode of the Holiday Insights Series, Steve shares relevant takeaways from RSR research and how third-party applications, which have become critical to the online shopping experience, hurt site reliability and performance. Follow RSR on Twitter at @RSRResearch.

This episode is sponsored by YOTTAA

3rd party eCommerce technologies, such as live chat, personalization, and customer reviews, are critical for delivering great online experiences to your shoppers. However, these 3rd parties have also been proven to significantly slow down site performance which can lead to decreased conversions. Yottaa recently published the 2019 3rd party eCommerce Technology index which rates the performance impact of 400 of the top eCommerce 3rd parties. Click here to download the index and see if your 3rd parties are slowing down your site.

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