Retail TouchPoints
Brian Solis

Season 01, Episode 02

What The Experience Economy Means For Retail

Featuring: Brian Solis of Altimeter Group & Alicia Esposito of Retail TouchPoints

Brian Solis has spent his career studying new consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies and how they impact businesses across industries. Needless to say, he has a lot of opinions about the Retail Apocalypse, the holiday season and why most retail innovation projects fail. We dive into all this and more during this episode of the Holiday Insights Series.

Holiday Insights Podcast Series


We’re reaching the heart of the holiday season, and the heat is on. You and your team are making your list, checking it twice and ensuring your omnichannel strategies are seamless, personalized and sheer perfection. The Holiday Insights Series was created to help you get timely holiday trends, results and best practices from the industry’s top experts and influencers. Get ready to create some holiday magic. Subscribe now to get the latest episodes right in your inbox.