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The holiday season is prime time for your brand to create immersive, relevant and entertaining shopping experiences. But consumer behaviors change when they’re shopping for other people, and they often look for inspiration from a multitude of different channels and sources.

How can your brand successfully understand and respond to customer needs before, during and even after the holiday season? This hub has you covered.


Political and economic forces have a resounding impact on consumer sentiment and ultimately, retail industry performance. But how will ongoing conflict between the U.S. and China, as well as an escalating election season, impact holiday spending?

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November 11, 2019
Source. Although Alibaba anticipates sales of $37 billion in goods across its marketplaces during the 11.11 Global Shopping…
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Get Your E-Commerce Experience In Tip-Top Shape!

We’re inching closer towards the peak of the holiday shopping season. So now’s the time to make sure your e-Commerce and mobile experiences are ready to handle the hordes of shoppers expecting fast load times and personalized experiences. This guide, sponsored by Yottaa, features the tactical tips and best practices you need to get your e-Commerce and IT teams on the same page.
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Mobile, BOPIS And Product Curation: How Retailers Can Win The Holiday ‘Choice Cascade’

The need to merge the online and store experiences into one smooth, consistent shopper journey isn’t news to any retailer. It’s no longer a way to differentiate; it’s a way to survive.

But retailers aiming to stay top-of-mind during the holiday season better start implementing engagement strategies now — especially to serve the unique needs of today’s channel-agnostic consumer.

Download this special report to discover four steps retailers must take to deliver top-notch experiences across all channels ahead of the peak season, especially as consumers gain access to more shopping choices.

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6 Trends Dominating This Year’s Holiday Shopping Season

For many retail and brand marketers, the Back to School season is about more than pencils and books. Instead, it marks the countdown to the holiday shopping season, when consumers plan to out-spend every other spending event throughout the year In July 2019, Shopkick polled 29,847 consumers in the United States about their plans for the 2019 holiday shopping season. Explore the six prominent trends that will define this year’s holiday shopping season, as well as recommendations from leading industry experts on how you can make the most of them.
Embrace An Agile Mindset To Maximize Holiday Results
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Want To Boost Q4 Results? Why Agility Is Key To Success

Retailers only have 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. That’s why more brands are attempting to inspire holiday browsing and buying earlier than ever.

But as the countdown clock ticks away, retailers must be agile in their engagement tactics, and respond swiftly to customer behaviors.

Download this tactical guide to learn how you can make agility a powerful strategy for your brand this holiday season. 

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