Test & Learn: 5 Agile Strategies To Help Ramp Up Holiday Performance

Twinkling lights are being hung, displays are getting set up, and retailers are beginning to train their holiday-ready workforce. That’s right, the peak of the season is right around the corner, and it’s prime time for brands to see how the market responds to their holiday strategies.

But how can retailers maximize their performance as hard-to-predict consumer behaviors shift and tactics don’t pan out?

Top retail experts shared their top agile tips and experiments.


Spotlight different products and offers above the ‘mobile fold’

Industry reports indicate that mobile sales could increase by up to 15% this holiday season. Retailers can win the mobile moment by testing different products and offers “above the fold” — on the first splash screen — of the mobile experience. By analyzing click and purchase behaviors, retailers can determine which tactics truly resonate.

Rod Sides
“Be selective about where you’re going to bring people in to shop with you. Above the fold, or that splash screen, is where you should focus. The products need to align with what you’re known for and your offers should be specific.”

— Rod Sides, Vice Chairman and US Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Leader, Deloitte LLP

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Put time and dollars towards social

According to BigCommerce research, 30% of online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase from a social network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Retailers should embrace the intimate, real-time nature of social by experimenting with organic and paid social opportunities. Instagram in particular presents a multitude of opportunities to connect with shoppers in the moment.
Ed King

“Social commerce is on fire. For the first time, the average adult in 2019 will spend more time per day on their mobile device than watching television — and social media is where people spend the biggest chunk of their mobile time.”

— Ed King, Co-Founder, HighStreet Collective

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Allow shoppers to customize their email experience

Year after year, shoppers are inundated by the same pile of holiday-themed emails. In the era of GDPR and CCPA, retailers can put the power in customers’ hands, allowing them to self-select the updates, offers and recommendations they get in their inbox.
Beth Warren

“Allow [shoppers] to set the standard for what they get and why. That provides value for them and are absolutely doable for retailers right now.”

— Beth Warren, SVP Marketing and Retail Practice, Creative Realities

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Tweak your ad strategy to drive urgency and action

Throughout the season, there will be different messaging “triggers” that inspire shoppers to act. However, there’s nothing more powerful than a deadline. Refine your messaging strategy to focus on timely offers, limited stock, shipping deadlines and more. Or ramp up your ad strategy to speak to last-minute shoppers. Just be sure you can keep your promise and get customers their gifts in time.

Bill Duffy

“Retailers use Shopping ads to quickly update marketing strategies. Amazon throttles Shopping ad spend on Google later in December to home in on last-minute shoppers. Last year, the volume of Shopping ads from Amazon declined when the retailer could no longer fulfill digital orders for the majority of its inventory, giving traditional retailers an opportunity to drive digital shoppers to physical locations for pickup.”

— Bill Duffy, Research Director, Gartner L2

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Find small ways to surprise and delight in stores

For busy consumers, removing frustration and friction is key. In addition to promoting flexible fulfillment options such as buy online, pick up in-store, retailers can tap their extra workforce to offer free gift-wrapping services, which allows shoppers to cross another to-do off their hefty lists. Retailers also can leverage associates to act as personal shoppers, curating recommendations and must-haves for family and friends.
Beth Warren

“If I was a retailer I’d be thinking of ways to streamline gift-giving, making it easier and more convenient for people to shop in one place — in one tap or one visit.”

— Beth Warren, SVP Marketing and Retail Practice, Creative Realities

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