Top 10 Stories of 2018

Mobile And Personalization Take The Lead In The Digital Revolution

The retail industry is volatile by nature, but few years have been as tumultuous as 2018. Toys ‘R’ Us closed its doors and Sears (finally) filed for bankruptcy, while better-positioned retailers invested in improved e-Commerce options, particularly their mobile offerings.

This list of 10 of the most popular Retail TouchPoints articles highlights many of the industry’s most prominent themes, including the challenge of competing with Amazon; the growth of personalization; the promise of AI; and the urgent need to eliminate “boring” retail experiences. These are stories about survival not just of the fittest but of the most interesting, innovative and creative retailers.

1:1 With CIO McNamara: How Target Achieved 25% Digital Growth In 2017

@Target CIO Mike McNamara discusses how distributing mobile devices to employees boosted sales both online and in-store, while also helping to improve the retailer’s digital fulfillment processes.

How Inventory Turnover Can Affect Your Retail Business

Logiwa (@LogiwaWms) CEO and Co-Founder Erhan Musaoglu gives a primer on how to calculate inventory turnover, along with advice on how retailers can balance high turnover against the risk of out-of-stocks to maximize profits.

Survey: 81% Of Retailers Will Deploy Unified Commerce Platforms By 2020

Boston Retail Partners (@BRPConsulting) shows how unified commerce — a single platform to support commerce across channels — helps retailers improve the four pillars of customer experience: personal, mobile, seamless and secure.

The Death Of Boring Retail: Exclusive Q&A With Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis (@StevenTDennis) dispels the retail apocalypse myth that haunted 2017 by explaining that the problem was not stores themselves, but boring store experiences.

Staples Acquires Essendant For $996M As Retailer Seeks Wholesale Revival

@Staples makes waves with its nearly $1 billion acquisition of @Essendant, creating a major new multi-billion-dollar player in the business of selling office supplies and industrial products.

More Than 70% Of Global Shoppers Will Shop On Black Friday

Periscope By McKinsey (@Periscope_Solns) offers good tidings for Black Friday with its finding that 77% of global shoppers planned to at least browse on the holiday, and 22% of U.S. consumers planned to spend at least $500.

Exclusive Q&A: How zulily Grew Its Customer Base 24%

@zulily has nurtured massive active user growth, and SVP of Marketing Kevin Saliba explains how the retailer balances customer acquisition and retention strategies, and uses branded credit cards to further drive shopper loyalty.

Hershey Helps Retailers Sweeten Candy Sales In The Aisles And At Checkout

@Hersheys is helping its retail partners boost candy sales by redesigning displays and appealing to emotion. This story highlights the ways a reconsidered candy aisle can boost traffic and conversions by 4 percentage points.

NRF 2018: Retail Personalization Reaches A Crossroads

The NRF (@NRFNews) sets the stage for retail each year with the NRF Big Show, and 2018 was no exception. The Retail TouchPoints team discusses how personalization, augmented reality and artificial intelligence stole the show.

Wayfair Is Not Amazon-Proof And Has A Huge Challenge In 2018

Hendrik Laubscher (@henlaub), Marketplace Research Director at Buy Box Experts, discusses how @Amazon is moving into apparel and furniture, and how even successful retailers like @Wayfair can’t afford to to rest on their laurels.

Written by:

Bryan Wassel

Bryan Wassel covers the retail industry at large, with a focus on contextual marketing, technological innovation and omnichannel developments.