Vibhu Norby

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Vibhu Norby


Solana Spaces

Web3.0 is the newest iteration of the internet. It’s an innovative yet young technology that few members of the general population fully understand. By embracing retail-as-a-service (RaaS), Solana Spaces has created an opportunity for everyone, from newbies to industry veterans, to have conversations about this emerging vertical.

A serial founder, Vibhu Norby had huge success with his previous company b8ta, another RaaS company that provided software for makers to sell goods while collecting data and testing markets in b8ta’s own physical stores and on Vibhu tapped into the success of this model and used it to launch Solana Spaces NYC at Hudson Yards, the world’s first Web3.0 retail education space.

Solana Spaces is an “IRL” brick-and-mortar environment where consumers can learn contextually about Web3.0 use cases and real-world examples of the technology. Product sales are a secondary thought, more like souvenirs for crypto enthusiasts. The value takeaway is the experiential marketing and information a person gets from visiting the space.

While it seems counterintuitive for a technology built on the principles of autonomous decentralized anonymity, it’s necessary for mass adoption. From week one and with only Twitter as a promotion and amplification channel, the store had over 1,000 downloads for Phantom wallet, a decentralized application specific to Solana. In addition to the NYC location, Vibhu and his team recently opened Solana Spaces Miami and unveiled a roadmap for global locations in 2023.