Elise Whang & Emily Erkel

Resale Revolutionaries

Elise Whang & Emily Erkel



Co-founders have a unique relationship that requires both parties to bring distinct strengths and ideas to the table. After all, the daily life of building and scaling a business is typically fraught with challenges, especially if the business is built upon a disruptive model.

Elise Whang and Emily Erkel are not just co-founders but sisters who wanted to drive the pre-owned luxury market forward. Consumer demand is accelerating, making resale a clearly attractive initiative for brands and retailers to add to their business models. But selling pre-owned products has its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to sourcing.

Elise and Emily initially launched LePrix as SnobSwap to bring vintage and consignment shops into the world of ecommerce. However, the co-founders quickly saw an opportunity to make sourcing and purchasing goods easier, and in 2019 they launched LePrix Wholesale. LePrix provides a digital environment that gives both buy- and sell-side businesses access to innovative technology and services, to help them easily, profitably and sustainably source and sell pre-owned products.

Through LePrix, Elise and Emily together are propelling the virtuous cycle of luxury resale forward by providing a tech-driven B2B marketplace platform that supports retailers and businesses. These capabilities ultimately support shoppers who are eager to access in-demand luxury goods and adopt more sustainable practices.