Cydni Tetro

CPG Disruptor

Cydni Tetro



Brandless is an omnichannel commerce platform focused on working with the best ingredients, partners and customers to drive community-led innovation and validation. CEO Cydni Tetro has enacted an innovative retail strategy focused on acquiring like-minded digitally native brands without chasing aggregation for aggregation’s sake. This sets a new standard for the retail industry while still creating an ecommerce platform that is supporting sustainable, mission-driven brands.

Cydni’s goal has been to eliminate the reliance on customer data and instead create a direct connection with customers to build a sustainable revenue strategy. This intentional strategy not only creates a unifying wellness platform of mission-driven companies that share the same values as the means to expand Brandless’ product portfolio, but also unites similar businesses into a force for good.

Over the last year, Cydni’s leadership has led Brandless to achieve 6,700% company growth and 7,600% revenue growth — proof of the rapidly growing impact of the company, its mission-driven marketplace, and the impact toward making it easier for people to take better care of themselves, their families and the planet. Each month, Cydni and the Brandless team meet with over 1,000 companies to add to their product portfolio and curate a truly unique buying experience of sustainable products that are good on your body, in your body and around your home.

She also spearheaded a historic raise of $118M in equity and debt financing, the largest by a female executive in Silicon Slopes. She created the B.More community giving program at Brandless — a true reflection of her dedication to community service and supporting causes that help activate the Brandless mission of making better-for-you products more accessible.

Beyond her role as CEO at Brandless, Cydni Tetro drives change in everything from inclusion and community engagement to public policy, and acts as the President and Co-founder of Women Tech Council, a nonprofit that advances women in tech at every stage of the economic pipeline.