Amber Bazdar

Store Design Storyteller

Amber Bazdar

Director, Global Retail Design


Amber Bazdar has been a leading force in redefining in-store experiences for Timberland and the retail industry at large. With an “edit to amplify” focus, she believes (and proves in her work) that less can be more.

In her role, Amber has successfully redesigned the Timberland retail stores to replace SKUs on a shelf with immersive storytelling. As she evaluated Timberland’s Herald Square New York City flagship, she saw a shoe wall with more than 100 SKUs on display but little in the way of brand storytelling or engagement. She envisioned a new wall that was modular and flexible in design.

While less than half of the prior SKUs would be displayed, there would be interactive digital screens and tactile elements, creating an inviting destination in the store. Hiking shoes were shown against faux grass. Rain apparel was cross-merchandised with waterproof boots. Energetic digital content told the story of a legacy brand with a modern direction, evolving and adapting to today’s consumer.

Thanks to Amber’s vision, customers flocked to the new wall, experiencing Timberland’s legacy products in a fresh way. Impressive and ongoing sales results proved that in-store marketing, flexible merchandising and innovative storytelling are critical to driving brick-and-mortar sales. Throughout the process, Amber’s dedication to innovation kept the project and her team on track and on point, which meant the new wall was implemented on time and on budget. Most of all, the concept, now proven, is being rolled out into more stores and departments.