Company Culture & Community

Thomas Jr.

Global Retail Communications and Employee Engagement


Allbirds is a sustainable shoe company dedicated to creating a new era of social innovation and positive change in retail. As an integral leader in the brand’s retail communication operations, Scott Thomas Jr. has helped transformed its “flock of employees into a loyal community.

Scott has rolled out cutting-edge technology to ensure messaging and direction are always available to all teams. He also has opened new lines of communication, encouraging the flock to openly share feedback so Allbirds HQ can improve offerings and customer experiences. He helped build The Nest and fill it with useful information and engaging video content. Allbirds created a network called ‘Nestflix’ and each program within it has a unique purpose:

  • “Sole Stories.” goes behind the scenes of different initiatives that are happening at the company;
  • They host team interviews, “Meet the Flockers,” to get everyone involved; and
  • The company’s founders get in on the fun with “Between Two Sheep.”

Happy employees mean happy customers, and today’s customers want to connect with the brands they support. Allbirds’ unique approach to internal retail communication has connected the people to the purpose, increasing brand evangelism and store execution as this sustainable brand opens more stores worldwide.

Scott has nearly 25 years of experience in retail communications, beginning his career with brands like Gap and Old Navy, then moving to industry disruptors like Stitch Fix and eventually, Allbirds. He has made a name for himself as a highly valued operator and leader, consistently finding ways to improve processes for operational efficiencies, and he is respected as a champion for field teams.