Grocery & Convenience Experience


Co-Founder and CEO


Foxtrot was created to marry the best of local neighborhood retail experiences with powerful ecommerce technology. LaVitola initially helped launch Foxtrot as a delivery app to connect consumers to local beer, fine wines, curated gifts and everyday essentials. But over the past year in particular, he has helped the company evolve and reach new growth potential even when the pandemic shook the entire industry.

Now, Foxtrot acts as a destination of sorts that powers a community of discovery. Using data-driven strategies, LaVitola recognized the opportunity to shift from delivery to a more community-driven destination that has convenience at its core. The brand experience now encompasses:

  • A physical store concept that serves as a contemporary evolution of the neighborhood corner store and cafĂ©;
  • The Foxtrot mobile app and website, which provide 30-minute delivery and five-minute pickup for a multitude of local artisanal goods;
  • Foxtrot Anywhere, a nationwide delivery service that curates gift boxes and treats from top-selling and trending brands; and
  • Foxtrot Private Label, which helps the company capitalize on new consumer trends and preferences and accelerate new product development via unique brands.

Despite some consumers’ returning to pre-pandemic shopping behaviors, Foxtrot has been able to increase sales by more than 100%. Of that growth, 55% derives from retail stores and more than 200% comes from ecommerce. Foxtrot currently has 14 locations in Chicago, Dallas and Washington D.C., and is on track to expand to another 50 locations over the next two years. In addition, the brand will continue to hone its offerings to lead in the on-demand grocery and convenience space.