Social Commerce


SVP of Marketing


As most shoppers shifted their browsing and buying online in the wake of the pandemic, online marketplace Jane had to respond to an increasingly competitive landscape. To stand out and reach target customers in a more meaningful way, Meagen Johnson led Jane’s shift to social commerce. She helped the marketplace become one of the first brands to test Instagram and Facebook Shopping capabilities, including product-tagged posts, shoppable product collections, live shopping and drops. Meagen also accelerated the company’s investment in influencer and affiliate programs, leading to a 273% increase in new user site traffic and contributing to a 165% revenue increase in 2020.

Meagen’s curiosity and tech-first marketing approach has helped Jane thrive as a go-to place for everything from the latest women’s fashion trends to home d├ęcor and affordable gifts. By investing in a consistent social commerce strategy, Jane saw the following results:

  • A 27X increase in social commerce sales between holiday 2020 and March 2021;
  • More than $1 million in incremental sales from March 2020 to September 2021; and
  • A 283% increase in month-over-month sales from March 2020 to September 2021.