Workforce Communication & Collaboration


Senior Director of Retail Operations


As Senior Director of Retail Operations for Peloton, Dolores Arico is committed to driving mobile-first, people-focused workforce digitization. Dolores has 15 years of experience in store operations and management, so she understands the challenges faced by both frontline workers and managers. She also knows that the stores are where products, processes and customer experiences converge, and it is more crucial than ever to empower store employees to fully engage, communicate better and take pride in their work.

Dolores’ strategy for evolving retail is driven by PeloPULSE, a mobile-first platform that enables all Peloton retail team members including partners and supervisors back at HQ to communicate and collaborate. Powered by YOOBIC, PeloPULSE allows global teams across the U.S., Canada, the UK, continental Europe and Australia to achieve retail excellence by accessing:

  • Operational KPIs and reporting with full tracking to ensure compliance and optimization at the store and regional level;
  • Missions, which allow complex tasks to be outlined clearly in a step-by-step way with tailored guidance, links to resources and individualized checkpoints;
  • Store visits and audits, allowing progress to be tracked from visit to visit, and action items to be flagged and monitored;
  • News feeds and chat tools to enable collaboration across the entire retail team, or streamlined communication within smaller individual groups; and
  • A document database that provides up-to-date information and resources to support retail workers as they execute policies and processes.

By rolling out PeloPULSE across Peloton’s global network of 115 retail stores in March 2021, the company saw 97% average compliance. The program is now rolling out to distribution center employees, as well as 3,000 drivers and delivery staff. Dolores and her team have made employee experience a core focus, using PeloPULSE to dramatically simplify associates’ workflows and drive engagement.