How do you explain your profession to people outside of the industry? What do you find most exciting and/or rewarding about this work?

What are the core requirements of your job and how do you measure success?

Establishing and leading the go-to-market approach, positioning and demand channels at Firework. This role and the team I lead encompasses building the Firework brand, enhancing the overall perception of video commerce in the market, ensuring enough prospects are flowing into our sales teams and ensuring the sales team knows what to do once the leads come in.

What is one notable professional achievement you've made over the past year that you are most proud of?

Launching a new brand globally and scaling it around the world. The team and I took a nascent, complicated, messy brand and turned it into the known leader in the video commerce space.

What professional challenge or failure has stuck with you, and how did you embrace it?

I’ve been blessed to have taken on leadership roles from very early on in my career, most of which came with an expectation of knowledge and experience. As such, I never really got to learn from the greats and it meant that many times throughout my career, I had to look outside of my own leadership and organization to learn. The key to this in any leadership position is building yourself an advisory network of people on the outside that can help you grow.

What trend or technology do you believe will have the most profound impact on your work (and the work of your peers) over the next year?

As customer acquisition costs go up and conversion rates stay flat, a new model within commerce will inevitably arise — one that is centred on enhanced experiences that dramatically increase conversion and repeat visits.

If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

Be more humble. Only with experience and repetition can you truly build the muscle you need to lead.