How do you explain your profession to people outside of the industry? What do you find most exciting and/or rewarding about this work?

In SaaS (specifically retail-targeted SaaS) we are always talking about “unicorns.” In the traditional sense, this is focused on companies with a great valuation. However, a more relevant usage of this term is referring to the candidate, employee or customer partner that can do it all. Rado Radinov is a unicorn. He is exceptionally technical and has the innate ability to translate “tech-to-impact” when it comes to retail marketing use cases.

In his role at The Children’s Place (TCP), Radinov has found innovative technologies and new use cases that increase brand visibility, customer engagement and intimacy, and most importantly, drive revenue. Rado has been a catalyst in growing TCP’s SMS subscription list to more than 2.6 million subscribers globally. What’s more, TCP has orchestrated an omnichannel mobile marketing program using Vibes technology that allows for streamlined buyer experiences over push, email, SMS, MMS and wallet notifications.

He is a fantastic customer champion and helps push his vendors and partners alike, while leveraging cutting-edge capabilities like Tap2Join, Language Immersion, and Data Modeling to improve the digital marketing program at The Children’s Place. And for Rado, the desire to learn and grow never stops: he is a 2023 MBA candidate in marekting at Montclair State University, and he speaks fluent Japanese, Bulgarian, German and English.

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