How do you explain your profession to people outside of the industry? What do you find most exciting and/or rewarding about this work?

In the time Carmen Ip has been with Lush, she has been a key contributor to the communication and workflow platform for its store associates and managers. Previously, Lush used emails, voicemails and intranet to communicate with store employees, but wasn’t seeing the engagement they needed. Today, Carmen leads a team that uses innovative technology to push daily communications between executives and its front-line staff such as product launches, merchandising displays, and in-store marketing campaigns.
Through Zipline, Carmen engages with store teams in real time and focuses on the associate’s overall role within the company, and how their work can create a better in-store experience for customers. Carmen also ensured that day-to-day workflows went into the platform to help digitize, provide tracking and ensure visibility to all levels of what is being done within stores. As a result, Lush gained insight into store performance, saved its employees’ time, and improved operations, all adding up to cost savings. Most recently, Carmen led the integration connecting Lush’s educational system with Zipline enabling store associates to see the status of courses needed to complete. Since associates access the app daily, it’s convenient to have the educational information they need all in one place.

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