Somia Farid Silber

VP, eCommerce

Edible Arrangements

In her short time at Edible Arrangements, Farid Silber has developed new methods to target younger consumers, including advertising lower price points for everyday occasions and overhauling the company’s social media strategy. After taking over the division in August 2019 when company sales were in a double-digit decline, Farid Silber started turning things around within one month and pulled off a record-setting sales year in 2020 for Edible’s ecommerce platform. The year’s highlights include the best April sales in company history (up 38% year-over-year); best June sales in company history (up 55% year-over-year); and an all-time high Mother’s Day with more than 700,000 orders fulfilled. Farid Silber also introduced new product categories at the beginning of the pandemic, including fresh produce boxes. She grew her ecommerce team from three people to 14 in just two years, and it now includes subject matter experts spanning multiple ecommerce capabilities.


I am most proud of how quickly our team executed new initiatives despite the onslaught of a pandemic. It’s been so amazing to see everyone come together in support of our common goal of helping people “celebrate what’s good in life” by bringing our products to households around the world. In the last 12 months, we launched five new product categories, all of which are steadily growing and simultaneously introducing our brand to new customers. Wowing our guests is our top priority, and that’s exactly what we have worked hard to do even throughout unprecedented times. As a result, we’re proud to have achieved some of our best sales months in company history over the course of the past year.


Jeff Bezos’ final shareholder letter really stuck with me. In the letter, he talks about “creating more than you consume” and creating value for everyone. This reminded me that at Edible, we need to focus on creating value for anyone and everyone who touches or interacts with our brand — from our customers to our franchise owners to our employees, vendors and so on. Another noteworthy quote from Bezos’ letter that really resonated with me was, “The world wants you to be typical…don’t let it happen.” As a steward of my brand, I know firsthand how much effort goes into not being typical, and as a consumer, I know how much I value brands that think outside of the box. That makes the constant drive for innovation and the hard work that comes with it so worth it in the long run. (You can read the full letter here.)


I am the oldest of 26 first cousins — 13 boys and 13 girls!

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