Alexandria Laird

Manager of People Development and Communications


Laird may be behind the scenes at Crocs, but she has been instrumental in making its internal organization more streamlined and people-focused. Laird is credited with transforming the delivery of Learning & Development solutions, resulting in an engaged workforce that is in the top 10% against retail benchmarks. Laird also created a number of internal learning series, including Blended Learning Management Training (“Walk the Talk”); Blended Learning Individual Contributor Training (“Find Your Stride”); New Manager Training (“Manager Boot Camp”); and Distribution Center Skills Certification (“Step It Up”). Recently, she built the brand’s three-part “Come As You Are” Inclusion Training Series, which helped employees explore their own diversity and understand different barriers to inclusion, as well as provided employees clear tactics on how each can advocate for inclusion. It is available to all employees through the company’s Learning Management System, which Laird also created.


Watching those around me succeed is always the most satisfying reward I could ask for. As a training professional, when I can help others grow and develop, I know I have made an impact. Over the last year, my team has become a true partner with our business leaders to deliver impactful training programs across the organization. Having business partners seek out the help of our team and rely on us to help drive business success makes me extremely proud. Ultimately, knowing my team is making an impact is what I am most proud of from the last year.


I was most recently moved by a LinkedIn post from Zach Mercurio, author of The Invisible Leader. He shared an image of a single employee moving dirt to help free the Ever Given from the Suez Canal. The caption was from Kerwin Lewis, and read, “Everyone wants to talk about ‘unskilled’ labor, but 10% of the world trade market is right now depending on how fast this guy can shovel dirt.” This image is extremely powerful, depicting the importance of every person’s work. We each must find our own passion, our own purpose. Overall, this post was such a friendly reminder that all work is meaningful. I was truly inspired by this image to remember my own purpose and what I work toward every day. I have my own purpose statement saved and refer to it frequently: “My purpose is to create/provide development resources and support for all Crocs employees to help them thrive in their personal and professional lives.” Seeing this image and message really resonated with me and inspired me to continue helping others see the meaning in their work, even in the simplest of tasks.


My favorite place in the world is Moneglia, Italy, and I hope to live there someday!

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